DANEA 2481 is a Las Vegas-based minority-women business featuring handcrafted women’s handbags. Katrisha Jones is the Creative Director of Danea 2481, and earned a degree in Fashion Design in 2004. Naturally creative and having a passion for fashion, Katrisha has been designing women’s clothing and shoes since she was a teenager. After years of designing, she created her first signature handbag, the “Uptown Bag”. Jessica Haywood is Danea 2481’s Business Director. After many years of friendship, Jessica continues to support Katrisha by using her experience in starting and running businesses. The entire catalog is made of premium materials and hardware, which are thoroughly inspected for any imperfections. Leather hides and furs are imported from countries like Italy, Brazil, Spain. They are working on more designs, including a crossbody bag and a tote. Danea 2481 wants to be the brand that leaves women ”Knowing SHE Can Achieve Whatever SHE Dreams.”